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Baobab fruit powder became legal to import into the EU in 2008 and due to it’s many health benefits has become a popular superfood. Baobab powder is an easy additive to your meals and is great with smoothies.

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100% Organic Baobab Fruit PowderBaobab-powder-recipe

The Baobab tree is found in 31 African countries, and its fruit has been used in Africa for centuries to treat illnesses like fevers, gastrointestinal illnesses and malaria caused by a vitamin C deficiency. However, this tangy citrus tasting fruit has remained unknown until recent times. As more scientific research on the extraordinary health benefits of this fruit emerges, people across the world are starting to show interest in products made from this superfood.

There is a mystery that surrounds the baobab tree. In some African communities, it is seen as a deity and some experts say a baobab tree can live for 500 years, others say for 5000 years. Whatever the mystery’s, the potential health benefits of baobab fruit powder are what makes it revered above others. It is extremely high in vitamin C. 100-gram serving of baobab fruit pulp is reported to contain up to 500 milligrams of vitamin C – which is almost 10 times the quantity of vitamin C available in an equal serving of fresh oranges. In fact, the baobab fruit is regarded as one of the very best vitamin C sources in the world.


Health Benefits of Baobab

 Skin Benefits:

Vitamin C rich foods are ideal for an anti-wrinkle diet. Baobab helps your body form collagen and elastin, two vital proteins that provide your skin with support and elasticity. The natural antioxidant from the raw baobab powder will flush your skin of toxins for a fresher and younger look.

Baobab-powder Weight Loss Support:

Baobab fruit powder in your diet might also intensify your body’s fat burning capabilities. A group of scientists from Arizona State University found that people with low vitamin C in their blood were able to burn 25 percent less fat during a 60-minute treadmill workout, compared with persons who had sufficient levels of vitamin C in their system. What’s more, the baobab fruit may also assist overweight people with weight loss due to its influence on starch digestion and glycemic response.

 Natural Cleanser and Detoxifier:

If your liver isn’t healthy, it will not detoxify toxic substances and metabolic wastes. A high exposure to toxins can cause damage to the liver and limit its detoxifying capabilities.

 Packed With Minerals:

If you’re still not dazzled by the health benefits of the baobab fruit, reflect on this: adding baobab fruit powder to your dishes can also provide your body with an infusion of beneficial minerals.

 Nutrition Facts showing the minerals found in 100 grams (3.5 oz) of dried baobab pulp:

  •  Calcium 295 mg = 30% of the Daily Value
  •  Copper 1.6 mg = 80% of the Daily Value
  •  Iron 9.3 mg = 52% of the Daily Value
  •  Magnesium 90 mg = 23% of the Daily Value
  •  Potassium 1240 mg = 35% of the Daily Value
  •  Sodium 27.9 = 1% of the Daily Value
  •  Zinc 1.8 mg = 12% of the Daily Value